# # # New single released # # #

Era of the Idols is the opening track for a reason. Not only does it set the pace for this album, it also tells the story of the very beginnings of the Great Odd Ones’ lore.

The reign of the endless sea lurks upon humankind. Agonizing, yet enticing for those who are faced with the divine atrocities. The contrast between the stampeding almost march-like guitars during the verse and the doom impending heavy chorus underlines this struggle musically.

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# # # Video premiere on YouTube # # #

Our official music video for our first single ABGOTT DEATH KULT will be premiered this Wednesday 24 at 6 pm (CET) on YouTube! Watch and chat with us when it drops!

It is the first single of our upcoming album The Great Odd Ones and is one of the album's most pounding and relentless tracks.

It delves into the harrowing narrative of a suicide flame trial within a cult devoted to the Great Odd Ones. The song seamlessly blends rapid tempo changes with fast melodic death metal riffs, concluding with a bittersweet outro.

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New Merchandise: Godfisher Shirts

# # # New merchandise # # #

Are you looking for a way to look elegant, classy and brutally metal at the same time? Do you want to emphasize your eyes while also highlighting the beautiful curves of your knees? You have to search no longer. The new INNER SANCTUM shirt is the perfect fit for you!

No fiend.

No saint.

A Godfisher

Link to the Shop: INNER SANCTUM Merchandise

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