We are back!

The pandemic is taking a break! We are not.

It has been quiet around us for quite some time. We needed to sort out some stuff but we're now finally back. There'll be some announcement coming shortly so stay tuned!

We also joined Instagram very recently. It was about time, since we can finally post all the nonsense that no one wants to see:

Follow us there to always get the latest news!

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On the road again!

It is finally time to announce our next tour!

Together with our friends from Frozen Infinity, we're heading east to play 9 shows, cover 3.000 km and party the best we can! It's going to be one hell of a time, are you prepared?

Local support, Facebook events and everything else will be announced in the following weeks!

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LGS Neuenburg 2022

# # # FIRST SHOW OF 2022 # # #

Die Landesgartenschau ist zweifellos die Erotikmesse der Nachkriegsgeneration - wo sonst kann man sich so ungeniert floral befriedigen lassen? Bisher war die Landesgartenschau ästhetisch allerdings ähnlich uniform wie die Top-Stände der Venus. Uns ein bisschen zu geleckt.

Doch jetzt ist sie in Neuenburg.

Neuenburg ist anders.

Neuenburg ist geiler.

Neuenburg hat uns.

Wir brechen mit dem Schnarchprogramm, wir lassen eure Fruchtkörper beben, wir reißen ab, wir eskalieren. Von allen Blumen sind wir der Brokkoli.

Lasst euch zerpflücken.

Event: Landesgartenschau Metal Night 2022

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Metric Genesis on Spotify!

Following the footsteps of 'Principle Leader', our new album METRIC GENESIS finally also found its way to Spotify. Now you can stream it all day everyday wherever you are: While taking a shower, visiting your favourite granny or, an all time classic, on children's birthday parties!

If you listen to it every day from now on, we may have enough money in 12 years to buy a beer to celebrate. Cheers!

Link: spotify

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